May 22, 2017 Madhumita Murgia

May 22, 2017
Madhumita Murgia

Women far under-represented at UK venture capital firms. Only one in 10 decision makers at UK venture capital firms is female, according to an industry-wide study that highlights the severe underrepresentation of women in technology investment across Britain. The study, the first of its kind in the UK and conducted by Diversity VC, a non-profit organisation, found that two-thirds of firms have no female decision makers. Overall, just 27 per cent of employees at UK venture firms are women, compared with 45 per cent of US VCs.
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Apr. 16, 2017 Rebecca Burn-Callander

Apr. 16, 2017
Rebecca Burn-Callander

Female angels need to give women entrepreneurs wings. Female-run businesses are failing to raise the money they need to succeed, says Kirsty Grant, the investment director of Seedrs, one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms in the UK, and it is all because of a shortage of female angels.
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Mar. 8, 2017 Shona Ghosh

Mar. 8, 2017
Shona Ghosh

A group of UK venture capitalists has cofounded Diversity VC, an initiative to get people other than white men into the industry. The founders of the non-profit partnership include Francesca Warner, a Downing Ventures associate who told Business Insider the lack of diversity in VC particularly stood out to her when she went to a conference and was mistaken for a waitress. At another VC event she attended, she said, all 30 speakers were white men.
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Mar. 8, 2017 Francesca Warner 

Mar. 8, 2017
Francesca Warner 

International Women's Day: Why tech VCs must reflect the diversity of the firms they fund. Investors play a huge part in deciding whether these companies succeed or fail. By providing cash at critical stages, VCs enable startups to reach scale and profitability quickly. But we can’t allow all tech investors to be cookie-cutter replicas of each other, as the companies funded would be too.
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Mar. 10, 2017 Startup Weekly

Mar. 10, 2017
Startup Weekly

A group of UK venture capital investors have founded Diversity VC, a not-for-profit initiative focused on creating a fairer and more diverse VC industry. Diversity VC will seek to tackle unconscious biases when it comes to hiring and investment decisions; and will host events and workshops with universities and students to increase awareness of routes into the technology investment industry.
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Dec. 19, 2016 Josephine Moulds

Dec. 19, 2016
Josephine Moulds

‘Women are shying away from asking men to back them’. The world of venture capital is dominated by male executives, which can leave some female business founders reluctant to seek investment for the next stage in their company’s development.
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